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Cellular Phones
         Cellular phones, Prepaid phone cards, International roaming sim cards, Phones accessories, Bluetooth, Peso Text N Load, Phone Rentals, Two-Way Radio, MP3/MP4 ipod Radio.

         Cellular Phones- GSM phones for Cingular, AT&T, T-Mobile, Smart, Globe and SunCell. PCS for MetroPCS & SprintPCS. IDEN for Nextel, BoostMobile & BoostUnlimited. CDMA for Verizon.

         Phones Accessories - Car Charger, Home Charger, Leather Case, Battery, Face Plate, Pouches, Earpiece, Antennas, Bling Bling, Clips, Bluetooth.

         Peso Text N Load - cheaper text to the Philippines without roaming sim card. and one peso replied from the  Philippines thru our gateway. No monthly fees and No tri-band phone needed.

          Phone Rentals - Dont forget this latest products that we offer, need an International Phone - Quad or Tri-Band phones . . . . we got it! prepaid two-way cellular phone . . . . . we got it!

         Sim Cards - Local sims for Cingular, AT&T, T-Mobile, Nextel, BoostMobile, 02wireless. and International roaming sims for Smart, Globe, Touch Mobile, Addict Mobile, Talk N Text and SunCellular.

         Memory Card (SD) 1GB or 2GB sony Pro Duo. With 1GB or 2GB more pictures and music or video to be storage to your phone
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